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Valentina Beanie: Time to get festive for Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day!

Who loves Valentine's Day? This girl right here does!

It's one of my favorite holidays. All the hearts, candy, flowers (not roses though), chocolate, and steak with baked potatoes are perfect for my soul and make my heart happy. I love Valentine's Day so much that I decided to get married on that day. This year marks 11 years I've been married with my wonderful husband. 

I was really excited when Deni had this beanie to test. I knew I couldn't just use any yarn with it so I went and bought some Red Heart Ombre yarn in their Jazzy color. I had my eye on it for a while but wasn't quite sure what I could make with it so I hadn't gotten any yet. This was my first time using that kind of yarn (ombre) and I really liked it. It was just the right amount of color before it changed to the next hue. 

This pattern is perfect for an advanced beginner. The lady explains the pattern really well and is available if you have any questions. Now, the reason …
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Fingerless Gloves... Do you like them?

As some of you know already, I am a pattern tester for some of the gals on FB. There's one in particular that I love testing for, Denisse Sharpe. You can find her over on Facebook at DeniMade. 

I had the pleasure of working up her Brooklyn Fingerless Gloves over the weekend and let me tell you... THEY ARE AMAZING! I don't usually care for fingerless gloves but these are so awesome that I have worn them all weekend.  The gloves are part of her Brooklyn collection. She's got the a beanie, slouch hat, messy bun hat, ear warmers, cowl, and now the gloves.  

Check them out :)

 And can we just sit here and appreciate this yarn for a moment? I mean, it's perfect for this pattern. I got it at Hobby Lobby and it's I Love This Yarn in Painted Canyon. This pattern (the gloves) only took me one skein. I think I've used four skeins total on the ear warmer, cowl and gloves. 

If you would like me to make you one I can definitely do that. Just contact me on FB at Manda's Craft…

The start of something bigger.

The time has come....

to venture off of FB and start pursuing other avenues to branch out on my business. I'm not big on Twitter and I don't really manual pin on Pinterest so my other real choice is to blog. I could use Instagram but it's mainly used for photos and I talk a lot... I mean A LOT! I figure blogging would be a great way for me to put all of my skills to use. I can post my photos, tell you guys a story and keep everything all in one place.

So, let me introduce myself. I'm Amanda. I love to crochet. I started out making hats and ear warmers. Working in the round was tough to learn at first but now I love it. Here are a few of the hats I've recently made. The messy bun hats have been really popular lately. Second to them are the slouch hats which is in the bottom photo.

Over the last year I have started making amigurimis. What's an amigurumi? Well, it's a crochet animal that is stuffed. I started out making the unicorn you see in the top photo b…